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I will contract with her again  More more right

Review for Esther Rani, Tour guide in Kanchipuram, India

Jayanthi showed me around Bangalore / Bengaluru for a day and a half. It would have been difficult to understand the temples, museums, and palaces ... More more right

Review for Jayanthi Krishnamurthy, Tour guide in Kanchipuram, India

Excellente journée avec Kanagalingam, très complète et intéressante. Nous avons appris énormément, et avons toujours eu des réponses a nos ... More more right

Review for Kanagalingam V, Tour guide in Kanchipuram, India

About Kanchipuram

One of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism, Kanchipuram is based in Tamil Nadu in the South of India. Over 1600 years ago Kalidasa described it as 'the best among cities' and it's easy to see why; the city is blessed with exquisite temples from all eras showcasing a rich cultural history.
The Ekambareswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva with its towering gopurams, the venerable Kailasanathar Temple, and the Kamakshiamman temple would be the foremost to visit in any Kanchipuram city guide amongst the many opulent structures of the city. Where there is religion there is music; an evening spent at a classical music concert at the Kanchi mutt gives a deeper meaning to the city’s cultural ethos. This “City of Temples” advocates yet another case for world fame with its gorgeous silk sarees. The famous silk weavers of this city conjure up luxurious silk offerings in gorgeous colours and intricate patterns eagerly lapped up one and all. Be careful, however, with such rich garments when you sit down to enjoy a traditional south Indian meals of idlis and dosas on a banana leaf consumed in the most delightful manner; with your hands!

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