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About Jaipur

Hailed as the Pink City for its endless array of proudly vibrant and colourful architecture, Jaipur is one of the touristic gems of India; a truly heady destination that combines all the wealth of the country’s historical and cultural past, with its buzzing, commercial modernity.
Set amidst the rugged and arid valleys on the outskirts of the Great Indian Desert, Jaipur tour guides are sure to offer you a unique and breath-taking introduction to this city. It’s a place where hilltop forts and a blend of Rajput and Mughal palaces cast their gaze across the horizon and the glow of the setting sun adds an ethereal Eastern charm that’s almost unspeakable in its uniqueness.
But away from the palace complexes and regal UNESCO sites, Jaipur, also India’s first planned city also oozes with the raw and human character that is India’s own prerogative. Visitors can explore a warren of traditional marketplaces and sprawling suburbs, to come away with lighter pockets, colourful mementos and hearts filled with the warmth of authentic Indian hospitality.

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