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Madhu scores 100% for this trip over 5 days in November 2017 Madhu is extremely knowledgeable and very courteous and could answer clearly ... More more right

Review for Madhu Tour Guide Hyderabad, Tour guide in Hyderabad, India

It was really an amazing experience with Sainath. He was totally a cool guide. He Showed me lot of places and explained each and every bit . It's ... More more right

Review for Sainath Jonnagadda, Tour guide in Hyderabad, India

About Hyderabad

Claiming the heartlands of south-central India, this sprawling megalopolis is now one of the largest on the entire sub-continent; a veritable mishmash of digitised internet and communications firms, shiny new shopping malls and glistening high-rises. But, under the modern veneer lies a distinct cultural identity, a unique mix of South Indian culture influenced by the Nizam dynasties who held sway on this once princely state.
Most Hyderabad tour guides will point first time visitors to the centre of the old city, where it’s possible to weave between the streams of rickshaws under the gaze of the iconic Charminar, the looming Mecca Masjid mosque and the sprawling Golconda Fort, where tales of ancient India still lurk between the crevices and cracks. Then there are the exquisite Qutb Shahi Tombs and the endless collections of the Nizam Museum to explore, before one gives in to the lure of a good round of shopping amidst the plentiful pearl shops, yards of pochampalli silk and wax bangles at Laad Bazaar.
Hyderabad’s gastronomic brilliance is yet another feather in its cap, and guests should perhaps head to one of the city’s bubbling food bazaars at Begumpet or Monda, or maybe drop into a regional curry house for a taste of its famous Hyderabadi biryani (that is, if you can handle the spices!).

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