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Hemant Srivastava is one of our best choice in our next trip to the Holy place . He realy took all responcibility totake good care of my family . He ... More more right

Review for Hemant Srivastava, Tour guide in Gaya, India

I think he is the best tour guide of this area.My experiences He didn't extra charge of visiting place .no security issue to travel with him.Nice ... More more right

Review for Shahzada Abhishek, Tour guide in Gaya, India

Best guide I have ever experienced in Varanasi...Guys plz give him a try , he will never let you down.Thanks Chandan for gave me such a nice ... More more right

Review for Chandan Yadav, Tour guide in Gaya, India

About Gaya

Spin around in Gaya, the second largest town of India’s Bihar state, and you’ll likely see a whole host of sacred and mythological sites. Beset by a cluster of soft, dust-coloured hills, the city clutches the courses of the mythologically significant Phalgu River. It’s hardly surprising then that thousands of Hindu pilgrims pass this way, bowing to the shrines of the Vishnupad Temple on the waterside, eager to spot the footprint of Lord Vishnu and complete rituals for their departed ancestors (pind dan). However, it’s not only members of India’s largest faith that flock to town; sights of Buddhist significance abound, from the 1000 steps going up Brahmajuni hill to the Mahabodhi temple and giant statue at Bodh Gaya, marking the very spot where Gautama Buddha is said to have become enlightened in the shade of the great Bodhi Tree. Yes sir, it doesn’t get much more religiously-imbued than this one, so be sure to engage a Gaya tour guide to help reveal all the mystical significance and cultural interest that abounds.

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