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Usmani Taj Tours are very easy to deal with. They provide a great service during my trip. Thank you!! They are highly recommended More more right

Review for Usmani Taj Tours , Tour guide in Fatehpur, India

Among some most memorable days of my life. I was in Delhi and decided to visit Taj Mahal on weekend so glad to contact Usmani Taj Tours on line and ... More more right

Review for Usmani Taj Tours , Tour guide in Fatehpur, India

About Fatehpur

Sandwiched between the holy Ganges and the winding Yamuna rivers, Fatehpur has an auspicious place in the heartlands of northern India. Its history goes back thousands of years, but the town was established as a base for nawab princes in the 15th century. This brought the prestige and money, with rising haveli palaces and grand Mughal-style homes popping up in rows along the central streets in the decades that followed. You'll still see those old facades adorning the city as you wander its maze of lanes with a Fatehpur tour guide, along with a smattering of newer temples and bustling bazaars that burst with spice stacks and bubbling curry stalls. More than anything, a jaunt to Fatehpur is a chance to escape into the rural backcountry of Uttar Pradesh. Head to the east of the town, and you'll hit wooded fields spotted with grunting water buffalo and lanky trees. Go further, and you'll come to the wide channels of the mighty Ganges – one of the most revered rivers in the world. 

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