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About Dibrugarh

Situated in the north eastern Indian State of Assam is the 'Tea City of India', Dibrugarh. With tea gardens dating back to the British colonial era and accounting for 50% of Assam's produce, it has aptly earned this accolade. Your Dibrugah tour guide will take you on a tea tour or better still recommend a stay at a plantation amongst tea gardens that produce the finest Assamese tea. If the nature and serenity are two words on your mind, enjoy that cup of tea watching the sunrise by the banks of the Brahmaputra. The Jokai Botanical Garden, one of the finest nature reserves in India famous for it's foliage and fauna is also well worth a visit.
Enjoy the small town feel of Dibrugarh in the New Market in the centre of town bustling with many traders, shops and hotels. Step back into a cultural frame with a visit to the Satras, some of which are still active today. This small town will let you leave stress free and calm; let this feeling brew!

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