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This is the best guide ive ever meet in my entire life .... this man is full of knowlede , history is literally a  wikipedia i can say .... i visted ... More more right

Review for Yash Rawat, Tour guide in Dehradun, India

Brijesh is a excellent guide  have good knowledge about rishikesh and haridwar. I refer to other tourist. More more right

Review for Brijesh Giri, Tour guide in Dehradun, India

For many months i stayed in Benares/Varanasi. During that time Mr. Sandeep Kumar Ojha became my personal guide for many behalfs in that jungle of a ... More more right

Review for Sandeep Kumar Ojha, Tour guide in Dehradun, India

About Dehradun

Between the sweeping panoramas of the Indian Himalayas, serene Buddhist monasteries and temples that lurk in the hills around town, and the wealth of alluring caves, forests, waterfalls and hiking routes that pepper the backcountry of the greater Uttarakhand region, it’s fair to say that our Dehradun tour guides have plenty to show travellers around! The state capital sits nestled in the Doon Valley, encompassed by the gushing waterways of the Yamuna and Ganges Rivers, a centre point to the hill stations that abound in the area.

Dehradun is well known as one of northern India’s capitals of learning and culture, home to the prestigious Doon School and the Indian Military Academy as well. The urban action centres on Rajpur road, where rickshaws and bicycles weave around the iconic colonial clock tower, and the aromas of spiced lentil curries twist and turn through commercial streets selling curios. Around town scenic spots abound; visitors splash through the springs of Sahastradhara, Bhatti and Tiger falls, picnic between the locales of Lacchiwala, the Deer Park and the National Park, wade through icy Himalayan waters at the Robber's Cave, or meditate in yoga centres and ashrams that dot its picturesque landscape.

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