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Our driver Saccarias from Pondicherry is a maestro on the crazy roadways.  He has a lovely, calm temperament.We considered ourselves ... More more right

Review for Keralatoursglobal , Tour guide in Coimbatore, India

Sankaran took us around Mahabalipuram and it was a good experience. We rented bikes and saw probably all famous places there. We became friends and ... More more right

Review for Sankaran Kumar, Tour guide in Coimbatore, India

Its a nice beautiful place near by Coimbatore, climate is wonderful, sceneries are pleasant to mind and eyes. Fine place to spend our Leisure days More more right

Review for Venu Gopal, Tour guide in Coimbatore, India

About Coimbatore

Thousands of travelers enter the south of India through Coimbatore International Airport to find a lived-in, modern metropolis that throbs with energy. Industry is the lifeblood, there's no doubt; Coimbatore remains famous for its textile mills and textile research institutions. However, this ever-growing town is also peppered with a few fascinating (and uber-colorful) temples such as the Marudamalai and Perur Pateeswarar Temple that showcase the flamboyant Hindu styles of southern India beautifully. Add to that the ubiquitous medley of Ayurvedic massage parlors and mystical ashrams, and there's enough to merit a short stay before making a beeline for the highland stations of Ooty or the tea-dressed hills of Kerala. Don't leave though, without asking your Coimbatore tour guide to reveal the taste-bud-tingling flavors of the Tamil kitchen, which range from masala dosas to coconut-scented fish curries.

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