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About Chennai

Chennai, or the erstwhile Madras, as it was called till the late 90s is a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. One the one side is a city steeped in culture, where temples blare hymns, the local film industry rules emotions, and the fragrance of mallipoo (jasmine) adorning ladies resplendent in kanchipuram sarees pervades the air; on the other its fast staking claim as one of the technological nerve centres of India, a place where pubs are overtaking the colonial club culture, and the younger generation navigates its way through pandemonious traffic on two wheelers.
The colonial remnants at Chennai are perhaps among the most striking in Southern India, easily seen at the old downtown hub of George Town amidst the grand East Indian facades of Fort St George and St Mary’s Church. Of other religious monuments, your Chennai tour guide will recommend a visit to the revered Mount of St. Thomas (thought to be the site of some of the first Christian teachings in all of India), the Thousand Lights mosque, and the ancient Parthasarathy and Kapaleeshwara Temple, resplendent in their architecture and holiness. And then why not go down the broad drive enveloping Marina beach, as you pass by memorials and institutions, before signing up for a Bharatnatyam recital, or better still, a lip smacking south Indian meal of dosas, idli, coconut chutney and “gun powder”, all beautifully arranged on a banana leaf.

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