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Very much enjoyed your services. It was a great experiance to travel with Gaurav Sharma. I would love to travel again. The behaviour was ... More more right

Review for Gaurav Sharma, Tour guide in Chandigarh, India

I enjoyed every moment of this tour and were so happy to live unexpected moments.Very friendly and trustworthy guide. Thanks so much for a good ... More more right

Review for Gajendra Singh Rathore, Tour guide in Chandigarh, India

Thanks a lot to Balwinder, I congratulated myself for the decision to hire a guide, and I would advise fellow travelers to do so as well, especially ... More more right

Review for Balwinder Singh, Tour guide in Chandigarh, India

About Chandigarh

The hands of Le Corbusier are all over Chandigarh. Grids of concrete homes, all placed neatly in developing rows fan out from square-cut central sectors. Leafy parks intersperse them generously, with the stork-spotted Sukhna Lake, the ‘recycled’ Rock Garden and the Rose Garden – the largest of its kind in Asia, worth a visit. Rich and affluent, this perfectly-planned state capital (of both Haryana and Punjab) has a certain organised vibe that's not common in India. Chandigarh tour guides are proud of their clean streets and verdant inner-city boulevards. They gladly showcase lively European-style cafes in Sector 17, help travelers unravel the mystical past of the Punjab at the Chandigarh Museum, and introduce you to the buzzing student eateries famous for their dal makhnis and ghee smeared parathas. And just when you were getting comfortable in this city of lip smacking food and jovial people, you look outwards to the hill stations: trips to Kasuali and Shimla and even far-flung Dharamsala for nature treks are all possible from here.

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