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Madhu scores 100% for this trip over 5 days in November 2017 Madhu is extremely knowledgeable and very courteous and could answer clearly ... More more right

Review for Madhu Tour Guide Hyderabad, Tour guide in Bijapur, India

We were lucky to dash into Jahangir at Golden Gumbaj in Bijapur. We  booked him for the entire day tour and we enjoyed every minute of it. His ... More more right

Review for Jahangir Kudagi, Tour guide in Bijapur, India

About Bijapur

The legacy of Adil Shahi’s 200-year-old rule over vast portions of Karnataka is not felt stronger in any other place than the historical city of Bijapur. Magnificent mosques, mausoleums, palaces and parks reflective of resplendent Islamic architecture set the tone for a visit comprising historical splendour. The Gol Gumbaz immediately takes centre stage; you will be able to hear your Bijapur tourist guide whisper to you in the whispering gallery as you are informed that this mausoleum has the largest unsupported dome in the world. Some of the other sights of that time worth visiting are the Ibrahim Rauza mausoleum known for its even proportions and intricate patterns, the Jumma Masjid that has a display of Koran inscriptions in solid gold and the Malik-e – Maidan with the world’s largest medieval metal ball gun.
A short drive out and a new world of exploration opens up.  One can head to examine the spectacular cave paintings of Badami, or visit the exquisitely carved temples of Basavana Bagevadi that are flocked by devotees all year round. Don’t forget to pack in some of the local milk cake if you plan a picnic at the Almatti Dam nearby; and to feast one’s eyes on more splendid temple architecture, make your way to Aihole. 

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