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About Allahabad

India’s second-oldest city marks some seriously sacred ground for Hindus, placed as it is at the confluence of the mighty Ganga (the Ganges), and the mythical Yamuna and Sarasvati rivers. It is thought that Lord Brahma himself landed on earth in Allahabad and designated it the hallowed pilgrimage destination it is known so famously as today. Indeed, the great Kumbh Mela held every twelfth year is the world’s largest religious festival and human gathering; the last one in 2013 was the subject of study by a team from Harvard for its remarkable execution of urban planning and administration!

Go ahead and take that refreshing dip at the sacred Triveni Sangam (confluence of the rivers) pairing it with a visit to the Hindu temples and mystical ashrams on the pilgrimage route. Allahabad tour guides also have of exquisite Raj era architecture up their sleeve, along with one formidable Mughal fortess, the ancestral home of the Nehru clan and the enchanting Khusro Bagh—the resting place of imperial luminaries of the sub-continent.

Through this sightseeing and cultural immersion, keep an eye out for the city’s bustling market areas to indulge in colourful handicrafts as well as food stalls overflowing with trademark spicy snacks from chaat and samosas to calming chai teas.

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