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Our driver Saccarias from Pondicherry is a maestro on the crazy roadways.  He has a lovely, calm temperament.We considered ourselves ... More more right

Review for Keralatoursglobal , Tour guide in Alappuzha, India

Must say he as been one of the best guide we have ever had anywhere we have been in the world.  More more right

Review for Kader Maveli , Tour guide in Alappuzha, India

Mr. Bazil meticulously planned my trip to South Kerala and gave me a wonderful, stress free travel experience. He was very responsive in the planning ... More more right

Review for Ba Zil, Tour guide in Alappuzha, India

About Alappuzha

Often described as the Venice of the East, Alappuzha is a labyrinth of canals, sparkling lakes and golden beaches. The combination of salt and fresh water make up the over 900 backwaters of the area and it is here that you need to let your Alappuzha tour guide find the perfect boathouse for you. Whether you decide to hire the boathouse as your base or take one of the many boathouse cruises, you will feel intoxicated by the stillness of the water, and magnificent sun rises and sun sets. The leafy plants and shrubs, tall upright palm trees sway in the cooling breeze giving rise to a plethora of green hues. Along the banks of the backwaters, a combination of unique aquatic and bird life from kingfishers, turtles to crabs busily feed on the rich marine life. Your day would not be complete without a walk along the Alappuzha Beach, the gentle waves unfolding onto the beach as the burnt orange sun casting its dancing rays slowly recedes behind the vast stretch of ocean.

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