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About Ajmer

Deep in the vast and popular tourist Indian State of Rajasthan lies the spiritual city of Ajmer. Holy to both Muslims and Hindus, Ajmer was established in the 7th century and is home to religious shrines, forts and traditional Rajasthani cuisine.
The Dargah Sharif of Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti would be the first point of veneration in any Ajmer tourist guide. The hallowed shrine draws not only Muslims but also people from all faiths to the sufi saint’s tomb for blessings. The Nasiyan ji Temple, a sacred Jain temple mesmerizes with its gold creations and intricate work.  Don’t miss a visit to Taragarh Fort, one of the oldest hill forts in India for an enchanting view of Ajmer during sunset. Take a relaxing stroll at the gardens by the 900-year-old Anasagar Lake or browse through the local markets enticing one and all with their colourful curios.
For that added dose of spirituality head over to Pushkar to pay your respects at the Brahma Temple. Vastly popular for its annual fair, Pushkar is a short drive away enough to make a day trip and return to Ajmer just in time for that mouth watering Rajasthani thali!

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