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About Ahmedabad

A modern metropolis recognised as the best city to live in in India, the 'Manchester of the East', the largest city of the State of Gujarat; sound out the bugles for hospitable Ahmedabad. This multicultural hotbed may no longer be the capital of Gujarat, but has everything that an old and yet modern city needs to make it an inspiring metropolis.
Your Ahmedabad tour guide would definitely take you along to see the Hathee Singh Jain Temple and it's famous wall carvings, the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque built in 1573, the first ever Swaminarayan Temple and of course, the pure vegetarian street stalls in the town centre,. Visit and enjoy the artificial Lake Kankaria surrounded by a zoo, rides and water activities, the Sabarmati Riverfront and magnificent religious structures.
The people of Gujarat state are known for being astute businessmen. Ahmedabad projects this facet with its numerous educational institutions, it's various industrial projects and it's long reputed textiles. This is a great place to start exploring a state that has produced some of India's greatest minds.

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