Though I had journeyed through and around the world in my younger years, this trip in South Africa was my first time venturing outside the comfort of my home in a place until then unknown all by myself.I wasn't prepared. I didn't know how to go on about it; reckless by nature, I thought I wouldn't need anyone to guide me through this unique journey. I was convinced that I could make it alone, by myself. Truth is, I probably could've, though with plenty of struggles. But then came a friend who told me I should probably -at the very least- consider hiring a private guide. It was the best decision I could've taken.I stayed in South Africa for a week and a half and spoke with over 20 different guides during the few weeks before my trip. Mo ''Toffar'' was the guide I chose to accompany me through my adventures.Now, where can I begin? Not only was he an impeccable guide (showing me around, tirelessly teaching me about the history of each place we visited, the nature, the culture of the country) he grew, in time, to become a friend; one I'll never forget, one I'll forever fondly remember when thinking of my time in South Africa.Flexible and eager to be impromptu with our itinerary, he never hesitated to stop here and there, allowing me to voraciously feed not only my passion for photography but also, and mostly, my innate curiosity. There truly is no one else I would ever recommend for this. The only downside? I doubt I will ever have the privilege to meet another person who is not just friendly, funny and easy to be around, but also educated, cultivated, positive by nature, passionate and humble. Every country should have a Mo :)If you open your heart and soul just a little bit, Mo will not only be your guide - he will become your friend, a friend you'll forever treasure. 

PS: Mo, thank you again for everything! It's been 6 months since my trip (already...?!) yet I find my thoughts drifting towards the mountains, ocean, endless roadtrips and stories we shared during that week and a half quite often, even today. I hope all is well with you! Until we meet again, my friend.