Our UFO tour guide, Michael, took us on an amazing mind-opening journey. If you are at all curious about what is happening outside our planet I would highly recommend you take this tour for both what you will see and what you can learn from Michael. I have no doubt that no-one doing similar tours has his depth of knowledge and related experience.Firstly, what made this experience special for me was that it was happening in our own back yard. This tour is unique because Michael will either come to you or you can join his small group on the outskirts of town. He began by explaining all the equipment and the differences in everything that we would be seeing moving around in the night sky. However, this did nothing to prepare me for the wonders of what you could see immediately you put on the powerful Gen 3 military grade night vision goggles. Millions and millions of stars - constellations - galaxies - which we learned about first.  And then you start to focus on what you see moving around. As the tour progressed Michael encouraged us to ask questions about ANYTHING which he aswered with great integrity. This is no hyped-up “little green men” tourist show. Michael explained what we were seeing without sensationalism. He wants to open your mind and even suggested we research what he had told us for ourselves afterwards.This tour was incredible and a must if you are visiting Sedona. I am lucky enough to live here so I can’t wait to do it again.