We have travelled exstensively all over the world and have had numerous guides but none compared to our recent guide in Israel, Reuven Reggev. We spent 6 days with Reuven and not only did we enjoy him and his work, we found a new friend in the process. Reuven's knowledge of Israel, its architecture, religion and history is unsurpassed. He was always on time, went out of his way to help in any way he could, answered any questions we had, was easy to understand, explained everything in depth and connected it with a story. I am very structured, expected a lot and I am not one to say things if I don't mean them, so please do not take this review lightly. I think if you are going to Israel, you deserve the best and Reuven is just that. We were so happy with him that we invited him to join us at dinner each night because we so enjoyed his company . He is honest, does things right and really wants you to enjoy your time there. We spent on some days 10 hours touring and there is no way I could stand that amount of time with a guide if we were not captivated. We miss him and we will stay in touch with him. Reuven you are the best. Thank you for a wonderful time. Joe and Maria from Philadelphia