My daughter and I were fortunate to tour Israel with Chana Koren. Our tour in northern Israel was unforgettable going beyond our selected sites to include some lovely surprises that Chana arranged. We especially appreciated her lodging recommendation: a B&B, Beit Ramon, with Yaacov and Sharon who provided extraordinary hospitality, most delicious breakfasts, beautiful views at an incredibly low price. After only two nights there, we felt we were leaving dear friends!

But the highlight of the entire trip, was Chana's excellent tour through Jerusalem Old City.  Several of my nieces joined us for this part of our tour and we were all wowed by the insights and fascinating stories enthusiastically shared by Chana.  We viewed Old Jerusalem from rooftops, street level, and underground while engrossed by Chana's explanations.  She patiently took photos with everyone's cameras and graciously stopped to allow for irristable purchases, before getting us to the next site. At the end of the tour, I expressed a desire to see the latest 'uncovering' of the Holy of Holies part of the Western Wall.  Without hesitation, Chana extended her tour and treated us all to her untiring, well-informed explanation of what we were seeing including its full history.  For us, that bonus of the latest excavation of the wall was the most moving, most memorable part of our trip and we are truly grateful we had Chana Koren to guide us through it.