A few years ago I went on a tour of Northern Spain with some friends on our motorbikes, which was lead and organised by Duncan. We had a great ten days and Duncan is a most interesting and amusing man who absolutely thrives in Spain... he loves all aspects of life there and knows a lot about the area, the history, the culture and he thrives on the baking heat, even when in full motorcycling gear!! He should be Spanish... he fits in perfectly! Duncan had researched the route and the hotels carefully and yet he was extremely flexible about our day to day itinerary. He also has a considerable knowledge of birds and wild life and this was quite an education for my rather ignorant group... he shared his knowledge and observations in a most interesting way and we all enjoyed the entire experience. Our central base was around Burgos and since that tour I have been back and r-traced many of the rides that he took us along. I would never have found the many special places that he showed us if we had toured on our own. I thoroughly recommend Duncan as a Tour Guide and I wish him every success.