Right from the start when I sent out a request, Rosangela was very thorough. Her plan for the 3-days was very detailed and complete. My flight was delayed and as a result I lost half-a-day's worth of planned activity in the city. Rosangela met with me in the evening and explained how we could compensate for the lost time and crafted an ameded plan that covered all the important spots. We even managed to sneak in a Ballet Performance during lunch time on one of the days. Overall, I had a wonderful visit of the city without being nervous about potential dangers to tourists (which we were made aware of by the security guards at the hotel). Rosangela managed my anxiety very well while ensuring all the salient spots of the city are covered. We managed to have a wonderful sunset at Sugarloaf mountain (where I got lost and she managed to get hold of the personnel to spot me and have me wait at a place where she can locate me). I would recommend Rosangela to anyone who is limited on time but is unlimited on what they would like to do in a beautiful city like Rio. Thanks Rose for all your help. Cheers-- ganesh..