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rogerio Review submited by Rogerio

Couldn't have asked for a better guide in the Amazon Jungle

Reviewed March 22, 2023

We had the privilege of having Kenrick as our guide in the Amazon Jungle. We were a family of 4, including our youngsters (5 and 9 years old). Apart from being extremely knowledgable about the jungle, animals, trees and etc, Kenrick was very good and patient with our little ones, most important he made us feel very safe. The 5 year old had diarrhrea in the middle of the trail and he was able to assist! Our kids called him Maui, if you see him you would undersand why. He spoke perfect English and Portuguese! Kenrick took our Amazon experience to a different level!  THANK YOU!

Travelled in as a family

etto Review submited by Etto

The best jungle guide around

Reviewed September 14, 2022

We had the pleasure to stay with Kenrick and his family in the Amazon Jungle for four days. Not only knows Kenrick everything about the nature and wildlife around, he also speaks fluently English and is a very fun guy to hang around with. The itinerary was fairly adventurous and always stayed intersting.

It was soon clear to us why Kenrick has the reputatation to be the best tour guide around.

Travelled in as a couple

rafael Review submited by Rafael

Best Guide - Jungle Man

Reviewed December 6, 2019

Kenrick is an awesome guy and as he was born and raised in the Amazonian florest, he is the perfect guide for a tour in the region.  We had a great time with him, and we will definitely contact him for the next adventure in Amazonia.  Thanks Jungle Boy!

Travelled in with friends