We were very happy with this tour. They company was very professional, and made it easy to sign on for what turned out to be a great itinerary; there was very little required of us before the trip because they had planned it out well. Geoffrey, our point of contact, was very easy to work with by email and picked us up smoothly at the airport. Harun, our guide for all the parks, was very friendly and expert - he had great instincts for finding animals and anticipating their behavior, and it took very little time for us to see all the big ones many times over. He was very open to improvising when we asked for it (ours was a private tour), for example when we asked if we could get dropped off for an evening on our own at a resort in Naivasha. This was our honeymoon and the lodges the company picked in the game parks were fabulous for it; comfortable and with great use of the natural surroundings, but not so artificial and touristy as to make us feel like we were living in a bubble. You might consider working with the company in advance on what kind of hotel you'd like to stay in when you're in the cities (in our case, our nights in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Naivasha). My only complaint was that ours were a bit less nice than we would have chosen, and in two cases were different places than we had expected. Since the company was generally very responsive, though, we probably could have upgraded a bit if we had thought of it in advance. All in all, this was a very good company to work with and I would use them again.