When I came here on holiday, I wanted to be shown around by the best tour guide in London. After a bit of research, I found him !. Jack Yeomanson is the best tour guide in London. He is knowledgeable, has a sense of humour that you would'nt believe. I'm a little bit slow when I walk, and nothing was too much trouble for this young man. As well as the walk, he was constantly checking that was I alright......did I need to sit down ? I asked a question that he actually did'nt know the answer to, but told me that if I gave him a contact method, he would find out and let me know......and with a lot of people you never hear from them again, but true to his word............Jack found the answer and let me know that evening. I love London and come here a lot, to enjoy sight seeing, the theaters, restaurants. In future, the first person I'll be contacting is young Jack.........and I hope you will too.