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maryjomcnamee Review submited by Maryjomcnamee


Reviewed November 17, 2023

MSITravels tour company made our trip to Morocco one I will never forget!  The tour group and our guide were incredibly professional and made us feel safe and welcome from day one.  Our guide/driver Aziz was extremely knowledgeable and explained the culture and history of Morocco along our 12 day adventure together.  He was more than willing to make stops along the way if we saw something interesting and allowed us to explore local markets and towns.   We knew we were in good hands when dropped off at restaurants or our nighty accommodations.  The food, shopping, and culture was all amazing.  One of the reason we chose MSITravels is they give back to the local people of Morocco.  The highlight of my trip was delivering medical supplied to Nomad villages in the mountains.  Being invited into their home for tea and seeing how they live was truly a rewarding experience.  I would highly recommend MSITravels tour company to my friends and family.

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kboben Review submited by Kboben

Morocco tour

Reviewed November 15, 2023

I would highly recommend Msitravels tour company for your adventure in Morocco. My friends chose Msitravels because of their customized tours and thatthey give back to the local people. They  organized our trip to help us distribute reading glasses to smaller areas in Morocco. Unfortunately our glasses were held up in customs. Aziz worked tirelessly to get them to a local NGO so that can be distributed at a later time. Our trip was filled with adventure, local foods and beautiful sites. Our driver/tour guide Aziz was very accommodating and would stop at local markets or a nomad community to allow us to explore.  He made our interactions with locals so special. I would totally recommend Msitravels to my friends and family.  

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patrick Review submited by Patrick

Local experience

Reviewed July 12, 2021

I have travelled quite a bit over the years and this trip to Morocco was remarkable in so many ways. I had never been to Morocco and wasn’t sure if my French would pass muster there. Let me tell you, it was amazing. I felt so taken care of from the moment I arrived. The Riad was beautiful. My tent was beautiful with a full balcony overlooking the desert. The food was great and varied. The staff was so efficient and friendly. And indulged me and helped me with my French. We were very busy with social work every day with Aziz. We had cooking classes, an amazing and challenging hike on The Atlas Mts. (with a beautiful picnic on the most breathtaking place I’ve ever seen in the middle of it). The Medina was a great place to explore! The owners of MSITravels really have a sense of how to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement for the group. They encourage, but don’t make you participate in anything you are not comfortable with. You could very easily just sit by the gorgeous pool all day if you choose. I will never forget it… I look forward to joining Aziz and all MSITravels staff in the future. A really swell vacation!

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