So before I visited Rio, I reviewed several proposed private tour guides.  All looked good, but...when I came across Felipe, clearly, he was the choice!  Why?   Everything he said about himself and what he could do for me sounded more sincere than others...and what a great choise!    Felipe was the best private guide I've ever had!   There is only one Felipe!   He's a good listener, has  a solid handle on the English language, and knows his own city having been born there.   He's passionate about showing off Rio to visitors and made me feel welcome in a city that still has a bad rap and reputation for tourists being robbed.   He made me feel safe and secure in a big city.   Best of all, while he has no vehicle to take you around, this was a big advantage frankly....we Ubered as necessary, but it also got me into Rio's subway and streetcars.   This is where the real people of Rio are!   Felipe took me to places where you will never go with big tourist groups.   Worth every penny  and more.   You won't be disappointed!