I spent two days in Naivasha with the excellent Washington Wachira. I really enjoyed the experience since it was so different from anything I've done in the past. Being new to birding and still learning the ropes, I've gone on multiple trips with multiple people. However, this time with Washington was differerent because instead of just building a list, he went really slow and adapted to my needs. He taught me that identification isn't just about noticing a color but should arise from a "whole" understanding of a bird. This includes size, shape, the habitat, how the bird moves and sits, how and where it feeds and ofcourse the call. He taught me about different behaviors, different calls and different habitats. I've come out of these two days knowing WAY more than i started out with. I'm really grateful to Washington to teaching me and adapting to my needs. I definitely recommend Washington to all birders - amateurs and professionals.