If you are a packpacker and heading to Lebanon.well as a backpacker in Lebanon i realized to take a public transportation was handy, but the public transportation doesn't take you to some of the most important sights. it's mostly on the highways.

so i got intouch with with zingy ride, and they helped me alot. they were very polite, puntcual, and well backpacker friendly meaning affordable. the vehicle is not so big, and takes a maximum of 4 passengers in the car (Which was convient for me) well if you are traveling alone, they are the way to go, they can put you in a group with 3 others and you pay not more than $40 they are very knowlegable, friendly,  and does the best they can to make sure everyone is comfortable in the car. one thing i loved the most, was that there was always snacks and cold water in the car, which he provided for free also.

Kind & Warm Regards

Lisa from United Kingdom