I can say without a doubt that Henok Tsegaye is the consummate professional. He is personable, knowledgeable, efficient, and very honorable. Our group felt quite at home with him. His sense of history and his love for Ethiopia really comes across in his on-site explanations and his pleasant interaction with people is great. We appreciated that he stopped several times along the way to some of our destinations to fellowship with the local people. For instance, during a road trip, we stopped at a road-side village to share in the making/eating of injera, Ethiopia’s traditional bread. What a memorable treat! Another high point of the tour was Henok facilitating our climb up Mt. Asheton in the city of Lalibela where we visited a monastery. It was well worth the effort to get to the top. I also have to mention that he took us to a Christmas Eve service at Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa, something we had never done during our trips to Ethiopia. It was an unforgettable experience, even for those who were not religiously inclined. Every guide brings something unique to a tour, but I consider Henok to be one of the best guides we at Sankofa World Tours have had on any of our tours. I would highly recommend him. R. Crawford New York, USA