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Jon was a remarkable guide - knowledgeable and personable, and enriched our stay enormously. On top of all, he is both a talented naturalist and ... More more right

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Iceland pleasant experience thanks to our guide.Heida was one more of the group.And its character (a litle wild) made us spend an unconventional but ... More more right

Review for Heiða Sturludóttir, Tour guide in Reykjavik, Iceland

We took part in a group tour around Iceland with Guðjon as tour guide. His background as librarian was very useful - he knows just everything! ... More more right

Review for Gudjon Jensson, Tour guide in Reykjavik, Iceland

About Reykjavik

Known as ‘the land of ice and fire’ thanks to its distinctive mix of white frozen tundra and steam-emitting geothermal springs, Reykjavik has flowered in recent years from a little known climbers’ getaway to a full-blown cosmopolitan party capital. Considered by some to be the Ibiza of the winter, Reykjavik surprisingly attracts dedicated clubbers from all over the world. In winter, the night does not end and hence neither does the party. In contrast to the moon-like, barren landscape of its surrounding areas, Reykjavik has the look of a toy town, clean, chaotic and brightly-coloured.

Alternating before your eyes between being a super-modern globally-wired capital and old-fashioned rural village, Reykjavik has many cultural spoils to offer its visitors. Rely on your Reykjavik tour guide for an exhaustive list of museums, art galleries and inspired structures, and the busy schedule of concerts, festivals and theatre happenings buzzing this city. Don’t forget to go further afield than the charming streets of the centre though, as Reykjavik is also home to some of the great geological wonders of the world including the Blue Lagoon, the city’s own turquoise blue thermal swimming pool. 

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