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Kent was a fantastic guide taking us to many interesting places that we would never have found on our own and also providing lots of historical ... More more right

Review for Kent Bjornsson, Tour guide in Isafordur, Iceland

About Isafordur

The small city of Isafjorour sits dramatically on the edge of Iceland’s northernmost peninsula, where the mysterious and brooding waters of the Westfjords splinter their way inland, carving through the mountainous cliffs that loom all around town.
Defiantly resisting the remote wilds that encompass it on all sides, Isafjorour’s locals continue to nurture a bubbling and lively urban character. All throughout the year festivals pepper its calendar, with the famous Ski Week and 75-year-old Fossavatn Ski Marathon standing as testimony the town’s sporty traditions. In April, the town’s music festival draws even bigger crowds up from the capital, offering a lively and eclectic choice of venues. If you’re in town at this time of year, be sure to ask your Isafjorour tourist guide for tips on the top spots to party.
Isafjorour is also a great base from which to explore the rugged coastline to the south, where the dramatic ice flows of the Dynjandi Waterfall grace the cliffs near to Stykkisholmur, while the nearby fishing towns of Vestfiroir offer some great small-town glimpses of life in the remote wilds of northern Iceland.

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