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About Egilsstaoir

Generally hailed as the gateway to the natural wonders of eastern Iceland, the small and sleepy town of Egilsstaoir boasts one of the best infrastructures in the country, with connecting flights to the north and south and plenty of tour operators providing excursions to the nearby wilds. This has made it a hub for adventure travellers looking to hike around the dramatic landscapes of nearby Lagarfljot, home to the sprawling Hallormsstaoarskogur forest, the soaring Hengifoss waterfall and the legendary Lagarfljotsormurinn lake serpent (Iceland’s Loch Ness Monster, if you can’t find it!).
Egilsstaoir also provides guests with a great jumping off point for exploration into the Eastern Fjords, or the curious wetlands of Heraosfloi, where it’s possible to spot some of the island’s rarest bird species nesting on the grassy plains. But the most dedicated wildlife lovers should be sure to ask their Egilsstaoir tourist guide for travelling routes connecting Heraosfloi and Lagarfljot in the high season, when wild horses and other majestic animals can be seen roaming the rugged valleys around the shore.

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