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Kent was a fantastic guide taking us to many interesting places that we would never have found on our own and also providing lots of historical ... More more right

Review for Kent Bjornsson, Tour guide in Akureyri, Iceland

About Akureyri

As Iceland’s second largest city, Akureyri is as alluring as the country’s more popular destinations but peacefully void of any overwhelming tourist bustle. Dramatic waterfalls tumble down mountainous terrain and hot springs thrive alongside nearby lava fields. As any Akureyri tour guide will tell you, no site is better seen than mother nature’s luminous show; the Northern Lights are wonderfully viewed from the city on clear nights between September and April..
While this organic attraction tends to be Iceland’s biggest tourist draw, Akureyri’s allure extends far beyond. A walk through town passes historic buildings from the city’s first settlers and a charming Christmas village, while the beautiful Botanical garden houses exotic Icelandic as well as foreign flora. Akureyri’s summers are mild, just right for riding into sunsets and endless rounds of golf. Winters are chilly but not severe, where a trek into the great outdoors finds a myriad of winter sports and whale watching; planning for one’s activity of interest may be of key consideration when booking a trip to this beautiful Icelandic city.

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