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About Visegrád

The once-glorious fortress of Visegrád now clings to the tops of a wooded hill on the meanders of the snaking Danube. The former summer palace of Hungary's most famous medieval king, Matthias Corvinus, has roots as far back as the 11th century. Below it, an ancient town of stone-clad streets buts right up to the river's edge, creating an enchanting backdrop that balances out the buzz of more modern Budapest.

Visegrád tour guides can spin tales of the great kings and dukes who came here to hold conference in the 1300s. They can take you through the tower-topped Upper Castle, raised on a plinth near walls destroyed by the Mongols in earlier times, and into the grand Renaissance-style Royal Palace that spreads over 20 rooms and contains replications of the opulent court once trodden by Corvinus.

Aside from all the medieval sites, Visegrad is also a fine place to explore the so-called Danube Bend and the Danube-Ipoly National Park that drapes over the low peaks above it. Pull on the hiking boots and head in there to be rewarded with deep caves and lonely hiking trails. Venture to the west, and you will find the colossal Esztergom Basilica, the most important church in Hungary.

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