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About Hungary

An exotic stretch of land and life amidst Europe’s more conventional countries, Hungary is destination unlike any other. While the landscape is simplistically pretty, the architecture within it is anything but modest; baroque churches, medieval houses, and Roman ruins exist as unchanging backdrops for the evolving cities around them. Some architectural treasure lies in the plain sight of Budapest’s main squares, while others exist in the secluded beauty of Pecs and Szeged. Hungary’s splendor lies in its’ ability to turn this olden charm to modern use. Today, old bathhouses remain in their original beauty, while new ones crop up around them; both utilize water from the country’s 300 thermals hot springs.
As any Hungary tour guide will tell you, their national cuisine is matched in quantity and quality by its’ wine. Desperately underrated, Hungarian’s food culture is among the most sophisticated in the region. With a greater interest in taste than health, deliciousness pours out in fried treats and bowls of goulash; but you can trust the calories will be worth it!