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We had a splendid day with Mandy! She is very informative and also very passionate in showing different places of hk for us! Even though we have only ... More more right

Review for Mandy Cheung, Tour guide in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

With its liberal government, sleek high-rises and sprawling night markets, it’s no wonder why Hong Kong has been lauded as one of the most exciting cities in the world. This intricate maze of islands on China’s southeastern tip couldn’t get more overwhelming, but getting around is easy once you’ve mastered its high-tech train system and double-decker bus lines, taking you from the dramatic overlook above the fog line at Victoria Peak to the bohemian beach towns on South Island - all in one day.
In a former British colony whose local pastime is shopping, you’ll find that economic growth knows no end in Hong Kong. The city is a major commerce port and big brands can be purchased at cheap prices, but of course, malls are not the only draw here. Any good travel guide to Hong Kong begs to mention its world-renowned cuisine, edgy urban scene and strange sense of ease about the locals. This is a sensory city evocative of drama and ambition, and a perfect destination for anyone yearning to experience some excitement.

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