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About Guinea

Guinea is hopefully emerging from the West African Ebola crisis (though some regions are still struggling with the last remnants of the disastrous epidemic), beginning to flaunt its spectacular hinterland and enticing wilds once more to would-be travelers. And flaunt it can. Rolling down from the mist-clad Nimba Ranges on the crest of Ivory Coast in the south, the land encompasses everything from dancing tracts of savannah to primeval rainforests concealing the headwaters of the mighty Niger and Gambia rivers. Intrepid hikers have long dreamed of hitting the sprawling highlands of Fouta Djallon, leaving the minaret-spiked town of Labe and delving into the tribal communities and homestays that nestle betwixt the peaks. Others turn to the relatively-young National Park of Upper Niger, where the Mafou Forest moves with chimpanzees and mongooses, spot-necked otters and even lion packs! Conakry – the capital - is also a worthy draw, and Guinea tour guides can reveal seaside bars where griot seers spill stories of the nation’s tribal past. Oh, and the beaches are mind-blowing, if few and far between, sparkling around Sabolan Village and the borderlands with Bissau in the north.