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About Guatemala

As the capital of the Mayan heartland, Guatemala has more ruins than you can shake your finger at. But there’s more to the Central American nation than meets the eye. There are vast stretches of rainforest full of fascinating creatures, highland markets selling colorful handicrafts and colonial cobblestone streets like those of Guatemala City and UNESCO-designated Antigua. Finally, the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean make for some pretty impressive beaches to catch up on your relaxation time. One thing’s for sure: time slows down in Guatemala, and so will you once you’ve arrived.
Sitting between Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, Guatemala puts the “central” in Central America. The country is refreshingly under-urbanized, a fact that hasn’t been lost on adventure-seekers. Travel guides to Guatemala have a hard time finding enough space to list all the natural wonders available for exploring here, from “soft adventure” (light treks or snorkeling) to hardcore pyramid hikes and scuba diving the waters of Lago de Atitlan. Whatever you choose to do, no one in your party will leave disappointed.

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