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Having worked closely with Dixie Dansercoer I can only say that Dixie is a top notch guide. One will rarely find a guide with more experience and ... More more right

Review for Dansercoer Dixie, Tour guide in Tasiilaq, Greenland

About Tasiilaq

Just 65 miles shy of the Arctic Circle and shrouded by the jagged peaks of the Ammassalik Fjord, the remote town of Tasiilaq sits on Greenland’s “face to the world”. The place is perfect for travellers looking for a dose of the wild and disconnected, while it’s also one of the prime jump off points for hikers, bikers, and summertime kayakers looking for adventure in the regions on the country’s eastern shore. Iceberg spotting has shouldered its way to the forefront of activities here, while crowds still flock for the world class cod fishing spots and daring diving opportunities (with visibility to rival even the Caribbean, believe it or not!) of the fjord. Others come in search of the magnificent views and walking routes of the Narsarsuaq Flower Valley to the south. Come winter, and your Tasiilaq tour guide will sign you up for dogsledding and snowmobiling as well cross-country skiing across icecaps.
With just 2,000 locals inhabiting the quaint red-timber houses that pepper the hills here, anyone planning a trip into town can expect real solitude, and a touristic experience that’s very much off-the-beaten-track.

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