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Having worked closely with Dixie Dansercoer I can only say that Dixie is a top notch guide. One will rarely find a guide with more ... More more right

Review for Dansercoer Dixie

Top Private Tour Guides in Greenland

Dansercoer Dixie

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My name is Dixie Dansercoer, 51 years old and I have been active in the outdoors since my childhood, but the last 20 years I have organized expeditions both in the Arctic and the Antarctic. You can find a synopsis of our activities on our website. I have a stock of professional equipment for 10 participants in Spitsbergen and also in the Russion Novolazarewskaya airfield in Queen Maud Land Antarctica. I ... more

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Jose Naranjo

My name is Jose Naranjo. The first time I went to the Arctic was in 1989, and I fell in love with these pristine territories. I have guided thousands of travellers throughout the Arctic during the last 25 years. My mission is guiding as many people as possible. Why? Because I want others to discover this marvelous land as I luckily did. I am absolutely sure they will get experiences ... more

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Ricardo Lopez Valverde

I live for 7 months a year in Greenland where I am busy kayaking, hiking, and skiing.  I am also a cultural guide in permanent contact with the Inuit people.  During these last 26 years, I have guided around 1500 guests in Greenland.  Now my work profile also includes being a manager in one of the most expert travel agencies in the Arctic ... more

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Doug Stoup

I have been ski guiding in Antarctica and Arctic for over a decade and am a member of the International Polar Guide Association.Guiding teams across the frozen Arctic Ocean, Antarctica and other remote places on the planet for over ten years. Specializing in backcountry ski adventures and paddle board trips in some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. Let us plan your expedition ... more

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Sarah Kielsen

edducated arctic guide (South Greenland) more

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