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About Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is an ever-growing palimpsest of Byzantine treasures, Jewish marvels, dusty Roman ruins, classic Macedonian foundations and Ottoman frontispieces; now playing host to one of the hippest urban scenes in all of Greece, touting lively tavernas, student-laden al fresco bars and more seafront cafes than you can shake a moussaka at.
Between the sun-kissed beaches of Agia Triada and Epanomi, it’s unquestionably history that takes centre stage here, and anyone looking to get a feel for the city’s rich past should ask their Thessaloniki tour guide about everything from the crumbling Byzantine walls and iconic White Tower, to the fascinating Agia Sofia, the UNESCO-attested Ayios Demetrios and the ancient Roman Rotunda. And once all that’s done, there are also the sprawling collections of the Archaeological Museum and Museum of Byzantine Culture to explore.
After dark, don’t miss the bubbling nightlife that converges on the streets around Bit-Bazaar. Here, Erasmus students from all over Europe mingle with travellers and locals alike, as oodles of raki and Mythos beer flows from the taps and a kaleidoscopic array of Greek mezze moves around the tables.

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