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We had a nice time with Athanasia; the layered history of Mystras and its beautiful site were thoroughly explained, with links to contempory life. ... More more right

Review for Athanasia Kiakou, Tour guide in Epidaurus, Greece

Eva has lots of energy and her love of her city shines through. We learned a lot in such a short time! Thank you, Eva! More more right

Review for Evanthia Karaventza, Tour guide in Epidaurus, Greece

Kalliopi was great to work with. Very responsive and flexible in arranging and made good recommendations about how to structure our visit to Athens. ... More more right

Review for Kalliopi Micha, Tour guide in Epidaurus, Greece

About Epidaurus

Hidden amidst the pine-wooded hills that rise on the edge of the Saronic Gulf, this masterpiece of the ancient world remains unquestionably one of the most striking in all of Greece outside of Athens. During the classical age Epidaurus was hailed far and wide as the holiest healing centre, blessed with the most learned physicians in Greece and patronised by no lesser a god than Asclepius.

Today, the half-ruined remnants of the great healing hall are overshadowed by the UNESCO-attested wonder of its ancient theatre. This colossal amphitheatre is so fantastically preserved that it is still used to champion the drama performances of Euripides and Aeschylus during the summer; and so fantastic are the acoustics that Epidaurus tour guides can often be seen exhibiting the echoing sound of a coin dropped at its very centre. Elsewhere on the site there are also the ruins of an old gymnasium and stadium, where the footsteps of ancient competitors can almost still be heard rebounding off the walls and between the oaks all around.

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