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Très bon choix avec Dora ! Histoire, culture et bons plans sont au rendez-vous.  Agréable et toujours prête à répondre à nos questions, en ... More more right

Review for Dora Khalil, Tour guide in Athens, Greece

Athens is an incredibly interesting city with so much to offer, and that is why a guide can be very helpful.  Well, Maria did not disappoint.  Her ... More more right

Review for Maria Psychari, Tour guide in Athens, Greece

Our guide was amazing. She was knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining.  What an amazing day. Thank you  More more right

Review for George Terezakis, Tour guide in Athens, Greece

About Athens

Poised high and statuesque on Acropolis Hill, the Acropolis stands guard over the city of Athens, a testament to Greek culture and artistic architectural ability of the 5th Century BC.
To understand the historical significance, walk through the tall marble columns of the gateway Propylaea to the sacred space of the patron goddess of the city- Athena, the Ionian Temple of Nike and then to the Parthenon. Passing through the Roman Agora and the narrow cobbled streets of Plaka, discover numerous ancient monuments from the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman eras. Visit the Museum of the City of Athens and the Old Parliament, which has now become the Historical Museum. Walking the city with your Athens tour guide is perhaps the best way to get a feel for Greek life and culture. Monastiraki Square provides a pleasant break from the ruins, as this is a shopper’s paradise filled with quaint stores selling traditional Greek souvenirs like worry beads, pottery, beautifully embroidered tablecloths and leather sandals. Athens is alive at night with the sounds of Greek music and the aroma of souvlaki filling the air. Sip ouzo at one of the Jazz clubs or just enjoy a Greek coffee at one of the outside cafes, enjoying one of the world’s oldest cities.

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