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About Greece

So little can be said to describe the magic of Greece, and yet there are not enough words to capture it. With regions as diverse in ambience as they are similar in national culture, travelling within the country is a tourist’s dream. A visit to Athens finds bustling streets culminating in thriving squares, while mouthwatering restaurants serve fresh grilled octopus and house-made wine by the jug. Shop at the Plaka Market for local goods, while friendly proprietors energetically converse about your hometown and theirs; tourists are a welcomed source of intrigue for Greek locals, and genuine hospitality is found throughout the country. Discover natives across the land, as you travel to otherworldly ruins and ancient towns.
Your Greece tour guide will tell you, no itinerary is complete without a visit to the illustrious Greek Islands.  Santorini’s picture perfect blue and white homes sit among the country’s most exciting nightlife, while Mykonos and Crete are a beach-goers delight. If the mainland capture’s your mind, the islands will capture your heart, and guarantee you never dream of leaving this enchanted land.