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Review for Peter Desoiza, Tour guide in Gibraltar, Gibraltar

I just wanted to thank you for a very pleasant tour. We travelled in a very spacious bus and the guide, Sabine Bossaers was ... More more right

Review for Sabine Bossaers, Tour guide in Gibraltar, Gibraltar

About Gibraltar

Jutting out dramatically into the Mediterranean straits between Spain and Morocco, this enclave of British territory has long been a bastion of fortification, much-coveted by the region’s incumbent military and much-hated by its many invaders since it was first garrisoned in the Middle Ages.
Today crossing into Gibraltar is an experience in itself, with visitors required to traverse the landing strip of the region’s airport, passing below the shadow of the great rocky promontory that soars overhead. But the surrealism doesn’t stop there; while the town itself is peppered with classic red phone boxes and English tearooms to boot, a cable Car ride to the Top of the Rock promises all encompassing views of two continents, two bodies of water and three countries, along with an introduction to its famed population of Barbary macaques. Touring the top of the eponymous limestone Rock of Gibraltar is a must, and guests should ask their Gibraltar tourist guide for tips on the various excursions out to the Pillars of Hercules, the formidable Moorish castle on the rock’s eastern ridge or the labyrinth of the Great Siege Tunnels running below.

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