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About Ghana

Often referred to as “Africa for beginners”, Ghana (“Warrior King”) also one of its most prosperous nations. Since its first inhabitants of the Bronze Age, it’s seen a medley of so many cultures that over 40 distinct languages are spoken throughout Ghana, but English remains the official idiom, a fact first-time foreign travelers to the continent are ever grateful for! It’s also blessed with beaches that offer a reprieve from the stifling heat, while historic cities like the capital of Accra boasts eclectic crafts markets as colorful as Ghana itself.
Though one of Accra’s top attractions is its proximity to the coast, it’s also close to the world-renowned botanical gardens of Aburi, where a higher altitude and prominence of lush palm trees manifest in a breezy getaway from the city. And if green is what you’re aching for, no travel guide to Ghana would neglect to recommend a trip to Kakum National Park, where you can scale the heights of the rainforest canopy on a network of elevated rope bridges and catch a close-up look at the many birds that call it home along the way.

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