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About Berlin

Between the grandiose pillars of the instantly-recognisable Brandenburg Gate and the glistening domes of the modernist Reichstag, it’s easy to see why so many people see Berlin as the very beating heart of central Europe; a place where some of the Continent’s most enthralling historical threads are wrapped up in quirky bohemianism, bubbling nightlife and world-class gastronomy.
One thing’s for sure; Berlin certainly has the wealth, both in its booming, stylish banking districts, and amidst the priceless artworks of its baroque Museum Island exhibition centres. It’s also got the style, and the charm too, with visitors here invited to wander beneath totemic monuments of 20th century strife—the abstract Murdered Jews memorial and the crumbling stretches of the Berlin Wall—while enjoying bubbling bohemian bars in Kreuzberg, swish boutiques in Mitte and countless public gardens, laden with local beer drinkers to boot.
Do make it a point to cover the must see sights of the city’s downtown with your Berlin tour guide, before heading off to cruise the U-bahn’s passageways in search of its hidden gems. In the evening, be sure to shed the inhibitions and head out for a party—this is Europe’s techno kingpin after all!

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