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We booked a guide at the last minute and were impressed with the quick service in securing a guide.  This was an out of the box tour, seated lunch verses walking tour and the ... more right

Review for Siavash Sartipi, Tour guide in Berlin, Germany

Wittenberg was a gorgeous and historical  town.  Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable .  We advise everyone to take this tour and with our guide ... more right

Review for Leipzig Free Tours , Tour guide in Berlin, Germany

Karen  organized bikes for us and took us on a terrific tour if the major highlights. She shared a lot of knowledge of the city with recoomendation on what to see and where ... more right

Review for Karen Pastofski, Tour guide in Berlin, Germany

Top Private Tour Guides in Berlin

Haşim Anık

7 Reviews Ranked #1 out of 20 guides in Berlin

I was born in Istanbul and came later to Germany, where my parents started to work in the mid 60s. So I spent my life in both countries; Germany and Turkey. I studied English and Philology in İzmir, TR, where I also attended a course to prepare myself for the ... more

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Siegfried Huber

2 Reviews Ranked #2 out of 20 guides in Berlin

Hello to all Berlin visitors!Everything is possible. Choose whatever you like. Do you want to explore the major sites of Berlin by walk, bus or bicycle? Just let me know and I will organize it for you. I can offer you tours according to your wishes, even far away from the main tourist paths.Languages: ... more

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Karen Pastofski

1 Review Ranked #3 out of 20 guides in Berlin

I have 12 years of experience leading city tours and museum tours, working in adult education and for the Staatlichen Museen Berlin, as well as leading study trips to Italy for Studios, Weichert, and Ikarus. Drawing on my experience and expertise. I endeavor to show to the discerning visitor the uniqueness ... more

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Levent Aydin

Ranked #4 out of 20 guides in Berlin

Hi, my name is Levent. Since 1992 I am working as a licensed tour guide. You will experience Berlin as if you were a local, from whatever angle you wish. Perfect for all kind of visitors; orientation tours with the traditional highlights. For the Berlin-expert: off-the-beaten-path tours. I would like to ... more

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Martin Sauter

Ranked #4 out of 20 guides in Berlin

Born in West Germany in the time of the Cold War, in 1989,  I was in West Berlin by sheer coincidence when the Wall fell on Nov 9. I eventually moved from Berlin to London in the mid-1990s, then to France, and later back to the UK before settling again in Berlin in 2011, which is when I ... more

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Isabelle Legrand

Ranked #6 out of 20 guides in Berlin

My name is Isabelle Legrand. I have a Master's degree in history of arts and have been working as a tour guide in Berlin and its surrounding region since 1993. I've lived in Berlin at the time of the Cold War, was involved in the impressive events at the end of 1989, and I follow continuously the swift ... more

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Chris Moniz

Ranked #6 out of 20 guides in Berlin

Hi there!   My name is Chris and I'm originally from the beautiful and outrageously expensive city of Toronto, Canada. I've been living in Berlin since 2015 and have been a tour guide in this city for over 5 years now. I initally planned to come for a year but just like 97% of the people you talk ... more

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Martina Baltkalne

Ranked #8 out of 20 guides in Berlin


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