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About Georgia

Mystical, mysterious Georgia is the veritable beating heart of the European Caucasus; the long-time gateway to the East, and melting pot of Arabic, Russian, Slavic, Orthodox, Islamic and Persian peoples, cultures, religions and creeds. Today it’s also hailed as one of the most naturally dramatic countries in the Northern Hemisphere, boasting a soaring backcountry of looming snow-tipped peaks, sandy Black Sea beaches and misty, mountain-shrouded forestry.
Ask any Georgia tourist guide about the country, and they’ll tell you how the capital at Tbilisi is set to boom in years to come, as a centre of Eastern European culture, arts and even hedonism. They may also mention the country’s burgeoning ski scene, centred on the sprawling resort of Gudauri more than 1,500 metres up in the Caucasus hills. Then there are the postcard-perfect mountain spots; the tower-studded town of Svaneti, hugged by firs; the gorgeous Mestia, with its backdrop of cloud-covered massifs.
Come to explore these amazing sights, to try mouth-watering platters of earthy khachapuri breads and steaming dumplings, to sip mukuzani dry wines. Come to dance kartuli with locals in smoky mountain pubs, or gawp at gravity-defying hilltop villages, perched out over the magnificent valleys in the heart of this truly beautiful country.