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Review for Tour Gambia , Tour guide in Banjul, Gambia

About Banjul

You could easily be forgiven for not knowing of this African capital; so small and secretive is Banjul, spread out over its series of miniature islets at the mouth of the mighty Gambia River. Today the city draws tourists eager to have the Gambia experience, where forest parks, a lively medley of bazaars and ports and curious architectural pieces add to the interest no end.

At the centre, the city is cut through by wide Independence Drive, crowned at the end by the rises of Arch 22 – a curious piece of construction that is also home to an artefacts museum. Feathering out from this boulevard, Banjul offers up a medley of whitewashed mosques and no fewer than two cathedrals, all interspersed with lean-to seafood eateries espousing some of the Gambia’s local maritime fare. Albert market is the place to go to buy souvenirs and local handicrafts; make sure you have your Banjul tour guide at hand to help bargain and well as navigate your way through the throng of enthusiastic sellers. Let’s not forget the natural side of things either, going from palm-shaded Kotu Beach to the iconic River Gambia National Park and Bijilo Forest park, where green vervet monkeys and bee eaters abound.

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